Product Purchase Terms & Conditions

All products sold by TechKnock Digital Services are 100% GPL. Below are the terms and conditions applicable to all products purchased from the TechKnock Digital Services website.


A purchased, valid and active license key warrants support and updates. *TechKnock Digital Services reserves the right to update product prices without prior notice

Subscription Terms:
  1. How does Subscriptions work?
  2. Subscriptions are renewal charges for the applications to be able to receive continued support and updates of the purchased application.

  3. How Do I Renew My Subscription?
  4. Auto-renewals are activated on every purchase made. Your card will be charged and subscription will renew automatically on the due date. You will be notified in advance about the renewal and also when the renewal is made. If auto-renewals is disabled, you will need to manually renew your subscription. Notification emails will be sent out to inform you when the subscription is about to expire.

  5. What Do I Receive When Renewing My Subscription?
  6. You are qualified to receive additional updates and support for the application subscription that has been renewed.

  7. What Happens If My Subscription Expires or Is Deactivated?
  8. The application will discontinue functioning also you will not receive future updates or support for the application.

  9. How Do I Enable Auto-Renewals?
  10. If you have purchased a subscription product, you will have auto-renewals enabled automatically. If not, you can simply go to settings and enable auto renewals.

  11. How Do I Disable Auto-Renewals?
  12. You can login to your account here and go to subscriptions. Here you have an option to cancel your subscription. Support Services:

    1. All requests for new features will be addressed as customization requests and will be separate from the terms and conditions that apply to purchased products. The costs incurred to incorporate any additional features in the application will be borne by the customer.
    2. Support will not be provided if the application version is older than the last minor updates. Any issues will only be fixed if you have a valid license.
    3. In order to avail support for applications made by TechKnock Digital Services makes sure you are updated to the latest version (last major update) of the applications.